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You don`t NEED a mentor - but do you want one?

Do I need a mentor?

The answer is NO, you need food, water, shelter and warmth.

However could a mentor help accelerate your development, increase your learning and motivate you getting you closer, faster and safer towards your goal – YES.

When you learnt to drive did you have lessons?

When you started your job did you have training?

When you were part of a sports team did you have a coach?

With anything new we do in life we seek advice/guidance, support and training.

Could you get all of the information you needed from books, the internet, You Tube and from others – Yes.

Did you know that statistically most entrepreneurial profiled people don’t learn best from reading books, surfing the internet, chatting about doing things and watching You Tube they learn from doing and if you are going to do a mentor will ensure you are doing it right?

Can some achieve their goals with no help, guidance or assistance – YES they can.

Let us ask you this – if you wanted to learn a new skill and increase your knowledge would you pick it up quicker and learn better by researching yourself, watching video`s and asking others


Would you learn best by having direct access to someone who has already walked the path you want to walk, being able to question someone who has already asked the exact same questions and someone who has already tested the variables?

If you set about learning yourself how is your self motivation? Are you able to make yourself accountable and push yourself to keep going, how are you at putting yourself out of your comfort zone and picking yourself up when things get hard?

If you had the perfect mentor steering you away from potential pitfalls, ensuring you check and know your numbers inside out and pushing you to negotiate harder with everything that you don`t currently feel comfortable doing, do you not think you would save money?

Do you not think you could potentially save more money than you are paying for a mentors service?

Lets look at it like this -

If you were put in a swimming pool we dare say you would be able to get to the other side of the pool with no help. However, we are also 100% sure that the person next to you in the pool who has a coach helping them with their stroke, showing them which direction to swim and motivating them from the pool side will get to the others side quicker, more directly and far more elegantly than you.

Are all mentors great, NO.

Are all mentors good, NO.

Are all mentors value for money and decent, honest and genuine people, NO.

However we would challenge you to do this – DON`T say no to a mentor as someone else has had a bad experience, do one better than they have clearly done and find a great mentor who can give you exactly what you want/need.

At new2property we suggest asking a mentor these questions before paying them any money

1. Why are you mentoring people if your product is so good? Why are you not just doing it?

2. What experience do you have in what I want to do?

3. What qualifies you to be a mentor/coach?

4. What exactly will I get for my money?

5. Are there any additional courses and what is involved, how exactly does the program look?

6. Who will actually be doing the mentoring?

In summary

Do you don’t need a mentor – NO

If you get a great mentor can they get you closer, faster and safer to your goal – YES

And our top tip is if you see or hear promises of financial freedom, get rick quick, leave your job in a week or x amount of K in a month within a short time frame

walk away and don`t look back.

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