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Who is buy to let mentor Dan Coachafer?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Hi, thank you for taking the time to read about my journey,

In my mid 20`s, back in 2007, whilst in Australia “discovering myself”, I was lucky enough to inherit my first property, a 3 bed, mid-terrace in Newark, Nottinghamshire, housing Lou, a sitting tenant paying £16 cash a week in rent, don’t ask. After swatting up on the council’s fair rent policies, the rent was increased to the average amount for the area and I was introduced to a passive income.

I continued to work and live overseas whilst collecting a hassle-free passive income of £400 per calendar month and realised this was a great and easy way to earn money. Enthused and excited by my new venture, I worked hard and saved up enough for my next deposit. I quickly discovered without a “real” job I would struggle to get a mortgage. Thankfully my supportive parents stepped in and helped by taking out a loan for home improvements. I then used the loan money plus his own deposit and bought his second property. Passive income is now £800 PCM however all profits were used to pay my parents back.

With no further loan options available, I was stumped and had no choice but to save and wait until I had a full-time job, or so I thought.

On a sunny afternoon whilst playing water polo in a backpacker’s hostel in, Australia I met Vinny, still a close friend of mine today. Vinny spoke of a mortgage adviser who could secure mortgages for the most un-mortgageable. On my next trip back to the UK I contacted Cheryl Marshall, an independent, all market mortgage adviser based in Essex, and low and behold she pulled it off; I had just secured my third property and learnt how to release equity.

Previously my idea of a great buy to let property was exactly the same spec as my first; in the same town and even on the same street, I knew nothing about return on investment and my strategy was to buy 10 properties, pay them all off, sell them and become a millionaire.

Thinking bigger and realising that there could be something in property investing I decided to take a season off from my seasonal job abroad to learn about property, I secured a job in a local estate agent. Within the branch, there was sales, lettings and a mortgage adviser. Six months passed and I learnt all I could, I then returned to work overseas.

After acquiring property number three, doing some time in an estate agents and now eager to continue my successes, I hit the books. I continued to expand my knowledge by investing in property education and learnt everything I could whilst away.

At the time I was in a corporate role coaching and mentoring professionals, I have undergone extensive training and have over 10 years experience in upskilling individuals, building knowledge bases, developing confidence and systemising process. I have a strong track record in working directly with people and understand both personality types and learning styles. You should check out my endorsements on Linkedin.

In 2017 I returned to the UK and started rubbing shoulders with like-minded property investors, I grew my network and started to plan my next steps of building a profit-generating portfolio of single let properties.

In 2019 on the day of my 40th birthday, I completed on my 11th buy to let property, exceeding my 10-year goal of owning 10 properties before my 40th birthday.

I now have a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed) goal and I`m no longer hitting and hoping.

I strongly believe that education is key. Knowing your SMART goal, strategy, capabilities and having the confidence to take action will allow you to achieve your personal target.

I am a fountain of knowledge when it comes to by to let, single let properties, why? because I`ve been there and done that, and I`m still going strong.

If I knew what I know now when I bought my first property, I would have been retired long ago.

Today as we close out 2019 I now own 14 buy to let properties, 1 is running as a mini HMO and the other 13 are single lets, they are all currently set up with interest-only mortgages and I have them managed by a letting agent. I have 12 serviced apartments that I work with a joint venture partner on using a rent to rent strategy and before 2021 I plan to grow my portfolio to 20 proprieties.

With new2property I am helping new to industry or experienced investors through each and every step of the buying process, I work alongside a team of professionals who assist in supporting and guiding clients to buy a sound, safe, secure and solid investment property.

If you would like support in buying a buy to let property get in touch.

Kind Regards

Dan Coachafer

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