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At new2property we provide a one on one, six-month coaching and mentoring program and an online how to - Buy To Let course for new and experienced professionals investing in buy to let property

WARNING – Do NOT view a UK buy to let investment property without this FREE checklist – It will save you thousands

  • View UK buy to let investment properties like a pro investor even if you have NO experience

  • NOT knowing what to look for is where most FAIL

  • Ensure you don`t miss a thing when the PRESSURE is on

  • Come away with a DETAILED REPORT allowing you to analyse costs

  • Be sure you have covered EVERYTHING, every time.  



One on One Coaching & Mentoring


One on one dedicated mentoring, offering personal and professional coaching to increase your knowledge and excel your learning.

The Perfect Property Checklist


Finding the perfect property is easy when you know what you are looking for. 

A Full Six Month Program 


Learn at your own pace and style with full support and guidance throughout the entire buying process. Sessions are flexible and fit around a day job.

Hints & Tips


With over 15 years of experience our hints and tips are guaranteed to save you money and keep you protected.

All-Inclusive Course


No additional extras. No upsells. Nothing more to pay. Everything is included within your personalised new2property coaching and mentoring program. 

Property Calculator


Removing emotion from the buying process is simple with our powerful property deal calculator.

Property Accountant Consultation


LTD company or personal name, our Professional Accountant will ensure you are fully set up for success.  

Mortgage Adviser Consultation


Ensure you qualify for a buy to let mortgage and receive a decision in principle so you are ready to make an offer.

Specialist Property Solicitors


As part of the new2property power team, we have partnered up with a specialist property solicitor to ensure your full needs are met at every step of the journey.  

Viewing Checklist


Know what to look for, what is worth an offer and what is a show stopper. Never worry about picking the wrong property again.

Weekly Check In Call

As you work through each subject you will have a weekly check in call with your mentor to ensure your on the path to success.

Deal Analysis

Be confident you are offering on the right properties by running your deals by the new2property mentor before you offer. 



The UK housing market is considered a fantastic investment opportunity; it is the largest economy in the world and has been consistent in achieving high levels of capital growth year on year. 


Investing in property is both enjoyable and financially beneficial. On average a UK bank offers 0.06% interest on savings, and a 5 year fixed ISA will bag you a measly 2% on your hard earned money. Did you know that by leaving your money in a bank you are losing money in capital appreciation? As prices of assets increase outside the bank’s vault, your money held in savings will be losing value as the days and years go by.

The mission of new2property is to help people with money invest wisely. 

If you have a BTL portfolio, just one property or are yet to invest, why not utilise our knowledge, skills and experience to ensure you are fully set up for success.

The majority of us know that owning a rental property is a far better investment than having savings sat in a bank, however a very small percentage know where to start, what to buy and how to avoid the pit falls. 

At new2property we guide new property investors through every step of the buying process, from basic set up, to selecting your patch, through understanding what the perfect BTL property must have, running the numbers, dealing with the legals and then "setting and forgetting". 

Over 63% of landlords cannot answer simple financial questions relating to their investment properties, is this you?

We work with completely new to industry investors and current landlords looking to get educated. 

 Drop us a message to find out how we can help you. 


Ricky, Lorry Driver

I wanted to get some more experience before I went on to grow a portfolio. Just from our initial chat I realised there was much more to it than just buying any property to try and make money. You need a strategy, you need to buy in the right area and you need to know what your doing, you taught me all of this.

I was looking at a few mentors at the time however after speaking to you and after our initial phone call you came across more of a friend if you like, just a friend with a wealth of experience and I instantly knew I could work with this guy, he`s good, he`s done it, he`s doing, so let's go for it. 

Wes Tensel.jpg

Wes, Doctor

After meeting Dan in November 2018, I soon realised single lets was the way to go. Having a personal mentor meant I didn’t have to spend hours reading and researching the industry or markets. I was guided through the process, coached on how to find a sourcer and within a couple of months had secured my first property. new2property`s bespoke mentoring service is worth every penny, I now have two single let properties, they are completely hands off and combined generate a net monthly income of over £500.   

David Stevens.jpg

David, Business Owner

3 months ago I was feeling really low. I owned a portfolio of 4 properties & my mortgage advisor informed me that I couldn`t get further mortgages, my property journey was over.

I posted on a property forum asking if anyone wanted to meet up as I really needed help & advise, Dan the man answered!

We met up and a handful of times and have pretty much texted every day. 
To cut a long story short, I got a new mortgage advisor (Cheryl, she is amazing!) and I am a couple of weeks away from completing a property AND today I have just had an offer accepted for a huge HMO in Leeds!

None of this would have happened if it hadn’t been for my mentor and now friend, Dan Coachafer. 
Not only did he give me some amazing advice (legal, strategy, mortgage etc) but more crucial he gave me confidence and energy. 
He got me my mojo back and was able to give me the proper feedback I was missing in my life.

Dan... thanks a million

Dan Coachafer

new2property Mentor & Coach 

In my mid 20`s, back in 2007, whilst in Australia “discovering myself”, I was lucky enough to inherit my first property, a 3 bed, mid- terrace in Newark, Nottinghamshire, housing Lou, a sitting tenant paying £16 cash a week in rent, don’t ask. After swatting up on the council’s fair rent policies, the rent was increased to the average amount for the area and I was introduced to a passive income.

I continued to work and live overseas whilst collecting a hassle-free passive income of £400 per calendar month and realised this was a great and easy way to earn money. Enthused and excited by my new venture, I worked hard and saved up enough for my next deposit. I quickly discovered without a “real” job I would struggle to get a mortgage.


Thankfully my supportive parents stepped in and helped by taking out a loan for home improvements. I then used the loan money plus my own deposit and bought my second property. Passive income now £800 pcm however all profits were used to pay my parents back.

With no further loan options available, I was stumped and had no choice but to save and wait until I had a full-time job, or so I thought.

On a sunny afternoon whilst playing water polo in a backpacker’s hostel in, Australia I met Vinny, still a close friend of mine today. Vinny spoke of a mortgage adviser who could secure mortgages for the most un-mortgageable. On my next trip back to the UK I contacted Cheryl Marshall, an independent, all market mortgage adviser based in Essex, and low and behold she pulled it off; I had just secured my third property.


Previously my idea of a great buy to let property was exactly the same spec as my first; in the same town and even on the same street, I knew nothing about return on investment and my strategy was to buy 10 properties, pay them all off, sell them and become a millionaire.

Thinking bigger and realising that there could be something in property investing I decided to take a season off to learn about property, I secured a job in a local estate agent. Within the branch there was sales, lettings and a mortgage adviser. Six months passed and I learnt all I could, I then returned to work overseas.   

After acquiring property number three, doing some time in an estate agents and now eager to continue my successes, I hit the books. I continued to expand my network and knowledge by rubbing shoulders with like-minded property investors, attending networking events and investing in property education.


At the time I was in a corporate role coaching and mentoring professionals, I have undergone extensive training and have over 10 years experience in upskilling individuals, building knowledge bases, developing confidence and systemising process. I have a strong track record in working directly with people.

Over a 10 + year period of learning about investing in property, trying and testing a variety of ideas and methods and taking practical steps to build a profit generating portfolio, at 39 years old I purchased my 11th property, 3 months before my 10 year goal of owning 10 properties before my 40th birthday.


I now have a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed) goal and I`m no longer hitting and hoping.


I now believe that education is key. Knowing your SMART goal, strategy, capabilities and having the confidence to take action will allow you to achieve your personal target.


I’m a fountain of knowledge when it comes to by to let, single let properties, why because I`ve been there and done that, and I`m still going.


“If I knew what I know now when I bought my first property, I would have been retired long ago.”


Today I`m helping new to industry or experienced investors through each and every step of the buying process, I work along side a team of professionals who assist in supporting and guiding clients to buy a sound, safe, secure and solid investment property.

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Signing up to the new2property mentorship program is by application only. It`s important to us that you are successful and achieve your set goals. 


Those who apply must:

  • Have a cash deposit.

  • Qualify for a mortgage.

  • Be committed to purchasing a buy to let property within 6 months of starting the program.

  • Be passionate about becoming a property investor.

Applicants who meet the criteria will be screened to ensure the program is right for them. 

To apply or for further information, please complete the below contact form:

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100% satisfaction guaranteed. We guarantee your satisfaction on our mentorship program with a full refund. We will refund your payment in full at any time if you are dissatisfied.