The Program 

At new2property we genuinely care about the success of our clients, we are both honest and realistic when it comes to property investing, getting rich overnight or even quick is not our thing. As a team of professionals, Buy to Let Mentor, Specialist Property Accountant, Mortgage Adviser and Solicitors we have all bases covered and are a pre-formed power team ready to ensure you succeed.


We work with both new to property investors and investors who have one or more properties looking to ensure they are set up for success or who have identified they would benefit from being coached on how to do it the right way.

Goal & Strategy Setting

Having a SMART goal and structured strategy in place is imperative in achieving success, you will be coached and guided on setting a specific, measurable, achievable and realistic goal and mentored on implementing and following a structured strategy. 

Limited Company or Personal Name?

The importance of being fully set up for success from day one is frequently overlooked, your mentorship includes a consultation with our specialist property accountant who will advise on how you should best set up your business.

Accounting for Investors  

Being on top of and organised with your accounting not only saves you time but money too, your property mentor will advise on how best to record your transactions and also what you can claim as a tax-deductible expense.

Specialist Mortgage Advice

Your new2property mentorship will give you direct access to our BTL mortgage expert who will best advise you on how to raise funds and obtain the best possible product. As a new2propery mentee, you will have a consultation with our expert who can issue an agreement in principle and prepare you to start offering on deals.

The Perfect Property

Knowing what to look for, where, why and what to avoid will ensure you pick up the best property to suit your goal. Buying blind is not only foolish but comes with a high chance of failure.

Actual Rental & Market Value

Knowing your actual numbers is vital in assessing a deal, you will be coached on confidently finding the actual rental and market value of a property leaving no doubts in your analysis.

Picking Your Patch & Area Analysis

Being confident in your chosen area comes with knowledge and experience, as a new2property mentee you will be coached on how to run a full analysis on your chosen area and guided on what`s hot and what`s not.

Property Calculator

Remove all the emotion and questions out of a deal with the new2property deal calculator, work out the net yield, ROI, monthly and annual income in seconds. This tool will give you the confidence to proceed.

Rightmove at its Best

It`s common for investors to waste hours trawling through Rightmove, you will be coached on Rightmove best practice and given some handy hints on how to best use the tool saving you hours.

Get on the Agents Hot Buyer List

Every investor wants to be the first to be contacted by an Estate Agent when a great deal comes in. Our new2property mentor Dan has experience working for an estate agent and will pass on his inside knowledge to get you to the top of every agents list.

Viewing Check List

Every new2property mentee is equipped with a comprehensive viewing checklist to ensure nothing is missed, whether you have 10 years’ experience or non you`ll not miss a thing.

How to Best Offer & Negotiate

With over 20 years’ experience in sales and negotiation our new2property mentor Dan will take great pleasure in preparing you to offer, here is where the real savings happen.

Offer Accepted Process

Offer accepted, what now? You`ll be guided through every step of the end to end process to ensure you don’t miss a trick. Getting things in the right order can save you money, time and ensure you complete on a deal.


Rest assured as a new2property mentee as you will have direct access to our specialist property solicitor who will process your purchase from start to finish ensuring you are kept informed all the way.

Specialist Survey

Due diligence on every area, property and deal is essential and it doesn’t stop before having a professional sign off your property. Learn what you need and how to best use your report.

Choosing Your Letting Agents

Setting and forgetting is essential when creating a hand free business, your choice of letting agent needs to be spot on. Learn interview techniques and understand what to ask and check.

Sign up for HRMC

If buying in your own name comes out top you`ll be guided through the process applying for a HRMC self-assessment log in and educated on the process.  

100% satisfaction guaranteed. We guarantee your satisfaction on our mentorship program with a full refund. We will refund your payment in full at any time if you are dissatisfied.

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