What do new2property offer and how can they help you?

At new new2propety we offer a one on one six month mentoring program for new and experienced investors.

We are a professional and experienced team who walk clients through every single step of the buy to let selection, acquisition and set up process. Under the new2propey umbrella we have an all market, independent mortgage adviser, a property specialist accountant, a trained, experienced and competent mentor, a responsive, knowledgeable and action orientated solicitor and an investment property specialist insurance broker.

We typically work with two profiles of investors

Either the completely new to industry investor who has come to the conclusion that investing in property is the right thing to do but they simply don’t know where to start. This investor is smart enough to realise that having a mentor by their side every step of the way will save them time, money and ensure they purchase a safe, secure and sound investment property.

Or an investor who already has property, maybe one/two buy to lets already, they could be an accidental landlord, they are looking to expand their portfolio but want to ensure they are on the right track for success. This profile knows something, have gained a little experience however want to increase their knowledge and ensure they are on the right path to achieving their goals.

Our bespoke program is direct to mentor and all coaching is done through the clients preferred communication tool. We only work with a maximum of 10 clients at one time and the program is for six months or until a client hands the keys to their buy to let property to a letting agent.

We are a team of specialists rather than generalists and we solely focus on helping investors buying properties, our clients typically consider single lets, HMO`s, bungalows or apartments/flats.

To be considered for the mentorship investors must have funds for a deposit + costs so aprox £30k if looking to buy with a mortgage or more if buying with cash. Investors must be action orientated and prepared to purchase an investment property within a six month period.

We enroll investors at stage one and start with the fundamentals, we set SMART goals and discuss strategy before looking into areas, property types and the all important numbers. All clients are provided with a deal calculator which allows them to quickly and very accurately asses a deal before considering it and all training material is included.

Our mentorship is about coaching individuals to learn, grow, expand their knowledge and develop their skills we don’t give instant opinions and answers we provoke thinking and ask questions to enabling learning, at the end of a six month mentoring program with new2property we are confident that our clients will graduate with the knowledge, skills and confidence required to grow a successful, safe, secure and solid investment property portfolio unaided and independently.

We don’t offer any additional training or courses and our mentorship is a one off fixed price, no additional extra`s no up selling and no holding back.

We can’t make anyone rich overnight, you wont own a Ferrari by the end of the program, you`ll still need your day job and if you have purchased a mansion it won’t have been down to us. We will however stand proudly by your side throughout the entire buying process from start to finish and ensure you purchases a sound, safe, secure and solid investment property.

We are a team of genuine, caring, knowledgeable and skilled property professionals who help realistic investors achieve their goals.

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