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At new2property we provide a one on one, six-month coaching and mentoring program and an online how to - Buy To Let course for new and experienced professionals investing in buy to let property

WARNING – Do NOT view a UK buy to let investment property without this FREE checklist – It will save you thousands

  • View UK buy to let investment properties like a pro investor even if you have NO experience

  • NOT knowing what to look for is where most FAIL

  • Ensure you don`t miss a thing when the PRESSURE is on

  • Come away with a DETAILED REPORT allowing you to analyse costs

  • Be sure you have covered EVERYTHING, every time.  


Ricky, Lorry Driver

I wanted to get some more experience before I went on to grow a portfolio. Just from our initial chat I realised there was much more to it than just buying any property to try and make money. You need a strategy, you need to buy in the right area and you need to know what your doing, you taught me all of this.

I was looking at a few mentors at the time however after speaking to you and after our initial phone call you came across more of a friend if you like, just a friend with a wealth of experience and I instantly knew I could work with this guy, he`s good, he`s done it, he`s doing, so let's go for it. 

Wes, Doctor

After meeting Dan in November 2018, I soon realised single lets was the way to go. Having a personal mentor meant I didn’t have to spend hours reading and researching the industry or markets. I was guided through the process, coached on how to find a sourcer and within a couple of months had secured my first property. new2property`s bespoke mentoring service is worth every penny, I now have two single let properties, they are completely hands off and combined generate a net monthly income of over £500.   

David, Business Owner

3 months ago I was feeling really low. I owned a portfolio of 4 properties & my mortgage advisor informed me that I couldn`t get further mortgages, my property journey was over.

I posted on a property forum asking if anyone wanted to meet up as I really needed help & advise, Dan the man answered!

We met up and a handful of times and have pretty much texted every day. 
To cut a long story short, I got a new mortgage advisor (Cheryl, she is amazing!) and I am a couple of weeks away from completing a property AND today I have just had an offer accepted for a huge HMO in Leeds!

None of this would have happened if it hadn’t been for my mentor and now friend, Dan Coachafer. 
Not only did he give me some amazing advice (legal, strategy, mortgage etc) but more crucial he gave me confidence and energy. 
He got me my mojo back and was able to give me the proper feedback I was missing in my life.

Dan... thanks a million


100% satisfaction guaranteed. We guarantee your satisfaction on our mentorship program with a full refund. We will refund your payment in full at any time if you are dissatisfied.


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