It was actually great to find a course that walks you through every single step of the process from start to finish! I have done previous courses where it leaves me with more questions than answers and I can honestly say that this course didn’t really leave me with any.

The section on inflation in the course was incredibly detailed but put across in a way that was very easy to understand which was very well done. I feel a lot of people explaining these subjects often lose people or make it sound really boring and you didn't do either so well done!

The section on sweet spots in terms of price of properties was a gem for me, no one has ever mentioned this before and it again is a very simple tip that will be invaluable to people!


The absolute gold mine for me on this course which is what I have been looking for the entire time I've been researching about property is the process with the brokers, lenders and solicitors. What happens once an offer is made and the process after it. I had no idea with all this and honestly could not find anyone willing to help me or give me a straight answer to these questions so for me all this information is worth its weight in gold! It is detailed, interesting, informative and again explained really simply so I understood every single aspect of it!

I found this an incredibly entertaining and informative course with extremely good content.

I would be more than happy to recommend this course to anyone looking to get into BTL. 

Alex Neale

This course is ideal for anyone that wants to buy a house, even as a residential.  I had a lot of questions about the process when I bought my first house.  This would have helped then!  Also, it's perfect for anyone that is looking for long term stability from BTL.

There are no questions unanswered when it comes to BTL.  So many courses upsell the next course to unlock the info that you really want.  This one didn't.  Absolutely brilliant.

It wasn't just about buying an investment property, it covers insurance, mortgages, surveys, etc.  And how it walks you through the process was great.

Claire Bachledova-Pateman

This course is perfectly suited for beginners, it is very detailed and offers a step by step guide on how things should be done. 

I liked the way that the course is so structured and methodical, the downloadable resources and links to related topics are a huge plus. 

Shabnam Akhtar 

Awesome content, very well explained and in such detail. I definitely recommended this online learning to anyone looking to invest in buy to let property. Other courses leave you with unanswered questions, not this one, every base is covered from start to finish. 
Highly recommended. 

Fayaz Noorestani

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